Inspired by the Bauhaus’ clean lines and simplified forms, we pay tribute to surfaces that are oft ignored by the ever-wandering eyes of our increasingly digital world. 

We pay homage to the common concrete, wood, and marble by borrowing their textures, transforming them into prints with clean compositions, and manipulating their dynamic visual contrasts.

This collection caters to the community of paper enthusiasts, the everyday planners, and the letter senders. 

We believe in the tactile pleasures of paper. We celebrate the ability to write letters that turn emotions tangible and thoughts visible, giving them actual weight. We appreciate the value of seeing the bigger picture, of manifesting your plans and schedules with ancient ink and pulp. And we find the sacred in the writing down of thoughts, be it random scribbling or grand ideas, to elevate the experience of one’s commune with the self.

Surfaces designs to rekindle the long-forgotten motion of putting pen to paper and encourage you to create, write, and convey your thoughts and ideas in a more traditional and personal way.

Community is about you. About me. About us.